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Our specialty is small to medium-sized businesses, so we understand their needs best and can provide the right coverage at an affordable price. Our extensive selection of classifications allows you to select the coverage you need to protect your business assets and have peace of mind. Our available coverages include general liability, excess and umbrella liability, property damage, business interruption, inland marine floaters, special events and liquor liability.

Whether you are a business owner, building owner, tenant or landlord, we have a wide variety of products specific to your insurance needs. Our unique ability to pair insurance with your coverage needs is paired with superior service as well as competitive pricing.

We offer coverage for the following types of properties: Dwellings, apartment, vacant buildings, partially vacant buildings, offices, mobile home parks and residential condominium owners.

Property Owners

This category of insurance includes coverages for various types of contractors or similar businesses, including general contractors, owners acting as general contractors, artisan/trade contractors, lawn care, janitorial, truckers, inland marine coverage, builders risk coverage and contractors equipment.

These products include coverage for multiple operations and were designed to accommodate the pricing needs for a wide variety of these types of businesses.


Our Main Street Mercantile product provides insurance options to more than 75 different types of business. Some of these include book stores, florists, art galleries, antique stores, card/gift shops, collectibles/memorabilia shops and more.

These mercantile-type businesses have a specific set of coverage needs for potential claims. Whetherit is property damage from a fire or a customer falling on the premises, we understand the potential risks associated with running these businesses.


Many types of schools are popping up across the U.S., and these types of establishments are becoming more popular. We provides coverage for more than 30 different type of schools, including music schools, tutoring centers, child cares, dance academies, theater/drama schools, cooking schools and wine tasting establishments.

When you want peace of mind so you can carry on with educating others, we step in to ensure you have proper coverage.

Schools and Learning Centers

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