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Department Store

Main Street Mercantile

This product is specifically designed to accommodate the coverage of over 75 mercantile classes.

Ineligible Mainstreet Mercantile

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • Stores that sell products under their name or label or sells directly imported products

  • Risks located in AK, LA or WV

  • Property coverage in FL (unavailable with this product)

Available Coverage for Mainstreet Mercantile

  • No liability deductible

  • Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage available

  • Property special cause of loss and replacement cost is available

Coverage Limits Available for Mainstreet Mercantile

  • Maximum property value of $3,000,000 in protection class 1-8 ($600,000 if cooking), $1,000,000 in protection class 9-10 ($250,000 if cooking) or up to Coastal areas up to $500,000 excluding wind and hail

  • Liability limits up to $1,000,000/2,000,000

  • Commercial Umbrella up to $500,000



Claim Example for Mainstreet Mercantile

Property: A fire began at the insured’s premises when an employee of the store smoked a cigarette in the inventory room. The employee carelessly threw the cigarette into a trashcan.The fire caused both $45,000 in building damage and $14,000 in business personal property damage. In order to repair the damage, the store had to shut down for a month, causing an $18,000 loss in income and $12,000 extra expenses to get the store up and running again, which was included in the business income with extra expense coverage.

General Liability: A customer of the store went to use the restroom, which had recently been cleaned by an employee. As the tile floor area just outside of the restroom was still wet, the customer slipped and fell, breaking their arm. A $5,000 medical expense was immediately paid to compensate the customer for their hospital visit and the ambulance ride.

Automatic Business owners coverages: The store installed a bright neon sign above the front door in order to attract new business. During a heavy windstorm in the middle of January, the sign fell to the ground smashing into pieces. After a holiday party, a local citizen crashed through the front glass storefront window and plowed through the entire store. The store carried a business personal property limit of $100,000. This was sufficient most of the year, but their sales fluctuate in December, and at the beginning of the summer. In order to keep inventory to levels that are adequate for this fluctuation, the business personal property peak season bumps the business personal property up 25% to $125,000 during these busy times of the year.

Value Plus: An employee of the store was going through tough financial times. They ‘forgot’ to turn on the alarm system when closing for the night. No signs of break-in were evident, but the store owner noticed inventory levels were repeatedly lower when this employee closed the store for the night. Cash in the register was also mysteriously low on these same nights. The insured notified their agent, and also made an employee dishonesty claim, and a money and securities claim.

Equipment Breakdown: The piping within the hot water heater ruptured from over usage, causing the store to have to shut down for 4 hours. An equipment breakdown claim was made.

You must be an appointed USASIA Insurance Services retailer to use these programs. Quotes obtained via these programs will only be bound IF you are a previously appointed retailer with USASIA. PRIOR TO BINDING, check with your branch to determine any and all applicable taxes and fees. If you need additional pricing considerations on any web quote received via these programs or if your submission is declined, please call your USASIA representative.

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