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Fitness Centers

Our package insurance policy for fitness centers is swelling with coverage features and has the strength of an "A++" rated Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Ineligible Fitness Centers

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • Rock climbing activities

  • Trampoline or rebounding devices larger than 14 inches in diameter or more than 12 inches off the ground

  • Chiropractic, physical therapy or rehabilitation services

  • Members and guests are not required to sign a release/waiver of liability

  • Personal trainers and aerobics instructors are not required to be certified

  • Gymnastics instruction

  • Diet or weight loss clinics

  • Offers/allows contact martial arts

  • Risks located in AK, LA or WV

Available Coverage for Fitness Centers

  • Both general liability and professional liability are provided for one low premium

  • Professional liability limit is equal to the general liability limits

  • Molestation and abuse coverage at a $100,000/300,000 limit is included for no additional charge (higher limits are available)

  • Optional sublimit for tanning beds is available

  • Hired and non-owned automobile coverage is available

  • Club members automatically included as additional insured

  • Landlord can be included as additional insured for no additional charge

Coverage Limits Available for Fitness Centers

  • Property coverage is available in protection class 1-8 up to $3,000,000, up to $500,000 in protection class 9-10 and up to $500,000 in coastal areas excluding wind and hail

  • General liability up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000 with a tanning sublimit of $100,000/$300,000

  • Professional limits up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000

Optional Coverage for Fitness Centers

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Value Plus Endorsement - 15 additional coverages

  • Glass

  • Money and securities

  • Employee dishonesty

  • Sign

  • Stop gap (OH, ND, WA, WY)



Claim Example for Fitness Centers

Property: A fire in an adjoining building caused water and smoke damage. There was $15,000 of building damage and $35,000 of business personal property damage. In order to repair the damage and replace the workout equipment, the fitness center had to be closed for one month, which resulted in the loss of business income for the insured.

Property: The owner arrived at the fitness center one morning to find that the building had been spray painted by vandals. The owner called the police to report the incident. The vandalism caused $5,000 in damages.

Medical Payments: A customer was exercising on a squat machine. The machine came off the ground and cut her leg. She incurred $3,000 in medical expenses.

General Liability: A customer was lifting weights when a 500- pound machine fell on his back and crushed him. The man sustained crushed lungs, a fractured vertebrae in his spine and $150,000 in medical bills, as well as loss of income from being out of work.

General Liability: A customer slipped and fell in the entrance way of the fitness center due to the floor being wet from the rain. The customer sustained a non-displaced fibula fracture and sued the restaurant $12,000 in medical expenses and lost wages.

Professional Liability: A professional trainer at the center was working with a member and encouraged them to increase the pace of their workout. During the session, the member injured their back and sued the fitness center for $35,000 in medical costs and loss of wages.

Molestation and Abuse: A member sued the fitness center alleging negligent hiring of an employed instructor who exhibited inappropriate behavior when training the member. The cost to defend the claim was $17,000.

Hired and Non Owned Automobile Liability: The manager of the fitness center asked an employee to run to the bank. While on the way to the bank, the employee rear-ends another car causing $4,000 worth of property damage to the other automobile and $40,000 in bodily injury to the other driver, as well as damage to their automobile. The employee’s car was underinsured when they injured the other driver.

Value Plus: A building next to the insured’s premises caught fire. The fire did not damage the insured’s building, however, the fire spread to the insured’s property and destroyed the insured’s TV satellite dish located outside of the building. The value of the satellite dish was $10,000.

Equipment Breakdown: The insured’s HVAC system was damaged due to an electrical shortage caused during a power surge. The HVAC system needed to be replaced. An equipment breakdown claim was made for $2,000

You must be an appointed USASIA Insurance Services retailer to use these programs. Quotes obtained via these programs will only be bound IF you are a previously appointed retailer with USASIA. PRIOR TO BINDING, check with your branch to determine any and all applicable taxes and fees. If you need additional pricing considerations on any web quote received via these programs or if your submission is declined, please call your USASIA representative.

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