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Golf Shot

The Long Shot


When it's all on the line, make sure your organization has the proper coverage to indemnify yourself for tournaments with multiple prize holes, multiple day tournaments and minimum hole yardage starting at 125 yards.

Ineligible Hole in One / Longshot

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • Hole yardage under 125 yards for ladies and 150 yards for men

  • Prizes greater than $50,000 per hole

  • Practice shots, mulligans or substitute shots No professional golfers participating

  • No event meeting witness requirement

Available Coverage for Hole in One / Longshot

If a hole in one is made, an additional 20 percent of the prize value will be paid to the charity Unlimited prize restoration. Additional insureds can be included at no charge. Ladies are permitted to shoot from the regular ladies’ tee box.

Coverage Limits Available for Hole in One / Longshot

  • Up to $50,000 in prize value per hole (additional 20 percent of the prize value will be paid                                                                                                    to the charity associated with the tournament if there is a winner)

  • Unlimited prize restoration




Claim Example for Hole in One / Longshot

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation held their First Annual Super Swing Golf Gala to raise money for their charity. They offered a $50,000 cash prize on hole 14. The first golfer of the day aced the hole and won the $50,000. Fortunately, their policy contemplated unlimited prize restoration so if another golfer made a hole in one, they would also receive the prize. Juvenile Diabetes was also a $10,000 winner as the policy includes an additional 20% of the prize value to be donated to the charity.

The local country club held a golf tournament to increase awareness and raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Both men and women competed in the tournament. One golfer hit her first hole in one ever from 125 yards away and won the $25,000 prize. She was not the only winner; Breast Cancer Research also received $5,000!

A community service group hosted their annual golf outing fundraiser as their main source of revenue. There were two different prize holes with a $35,000 car and a $20,000 vacation. The local paper had front page news as a hole in one occurred on both insured holes. The total prize payout was $55,000 with an additional $11,000 going to the charity.

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